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Crafting with the kids {Sailboats}

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in blog, crafts, family | 2 Comments

Sunday morning I woke up with a pair of eyes staring into mine begging “mommy, come help me make my sailboat. right now!” It was Olive. Not my regular crafty child. But she was on a mission. She had discovered my stash of washi tape and found some scrap paper and had randomly decided she wanted to make a sailboat. I have no idea why. Maybe she had been reading Jerusalem Greer’s book while we were all sleeping and was inspired…I have no idea. So I stumbled out of bed to make a sailboat. And one sailboat turned into 3, and then it was 9:30 and no one had even had breakfast and everyone was freaking out.


Here are the finished products…I thought they were adorable. So much so that I thought I’d share and maybe you can make your own. I bought all this washi tape but I just seem to hoard it up because I don’t want to waste it. Well, they obviously didn’t care. It’s just so cute! And no matter how messy your project is, the tape just makes it look like an adorable mess. They all taped their own paper with little help from me. The girls even cut their own paper with the paper cutter. I have lots of extra cardboard laying around so I just started cutting and gluing. Nothing is precise, nothing matches, it’s all pretty wanky. But they didn’t care. I hot glued the cardboard edges together to make the “boat” and hot glued in the stick. I know how my kids destroy everything so I decided to make it as sturdy as possible so it would at least make it through the day.


Olive immediately ran and collected all the little dolls she could find to start playing.


She was so proud of her idea! All hers. She went a little nuts with the tape and taped everything in sight. And, of course, added a feather. Why not?



This was Lucy’s boat. She was also a little obsessed with the tape…



And of course, Max had to get in on the action. He insisted that it had his whole name on the front. Not sure why. But I think a week at Bible School had something to do with it. Clearly it was made for Batman and Spiderman.


Supplies: Everything I used I just had laying around. I realized you probably won’t have all of this around, but be creative and use whatever you’ve got! I would have totally used a little shoe box…but I didn’t have any.

Scrapbook paper

Glue (rubber cement, glue gun)

Washi tape

Scissors or exacto knife

Stick (store bought or get one out of the yard)



  1. jerusalem
    June 30, 2013

    love this! also, that pic of Olive? I swear she looks so much like pictures of me at that age! so fun.

  2. lindajackson.parr
    September 2, 2015

    Adorable and creative trio!