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Make It Work {The Back Porch}

Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in blog, family | 3 Comments

In the spirit of my favorite, Tim Gunn, I am making this work! You see, I love our house. I love everything about it. Except the back porch. It is tiny as all get out and the steps are in a horrible place. We are also missing a screen door that got ripped off in a storm. It’s comfortable for about one adult and one child to sit on at any given time. For the past 2 years I have just dealt with it and ignored it. Last summer I just sat in the beating down sun and watched the kids play and swim. This year, I said no more. I decided that I had to deal with it if I was going to spend so much time out here. Ideally I would LOVE a nice table so we could have dinner out here and crap. Well, that isn’t even a possibility. And we also have to have this big giant grill sit out here. Another thing I was not a fan of. So I decided to “make it work,” for me. It may not blow anyone else’s skirt up…and that’s totally fine. I am currently enjoying it.

Let’s start with the ‘before’ photo. Isn’t it awesome looking. I picked a particularly horrible looking day to take this picture. I was starting to build the awning so there’s all kinds of crap everywhere. I thought it added a bit to the redneck back porch look I was going for here.


And here’s the finished product. Absolutely nothing fancy about it. Just lots of color and some cheap improvements. I decided months ago to build this awning. All by myself. I ordered outdoor fabric and sewed this giant piece. It was just ridiculous to do. It was so big and wouldn’t fit anywhere in my house. Overall, it was a nightmare. But it’s done. The only thing I had help with was measuring, because I’m just not all that tall. So Ryan helped me with that. I was that lady in Home Depot buying 10 foot conduit and this one worker watching me like I was a crazy person. He definitely gave me the “she has no idea what she’s doing look” a time or two. I then sawed the poles down with a hacksaw and the help of my children. Safety first kids! I Then drilled holes and attached hooks to the house. Learned how to put grommets in the fabric and BOOM! You have an awning. Confession: it did not turn out exactly how I had hoped. I wish it didn’t sag so much. But I honestly don’t even care because it works and it looks cute. And that’s all that matters.


I bought these adorable gingham buckets in the dollar bin at target and filled them with citronella candles. And I love my sunglasses and they were just sitting there. You’re welcome.


This grill…I am happy with. Our old grill (from the before picture) was super blah and old and dying. It was on it’s last leg and was being banished from the porch because of it’s ugliness. Thanks to the interwebs I saw these grills, originally selling for over $200…on sale for $99. Ryan rushed over to Home Depot and got the very last one! Score! They were on sale because the reds don’t match. And I don’t really care. And it’s super nice and it matches perfectly on my back porch. So it is allowed to stay. And I randomly spray painted that folding chair pink. Just because it was ugly. It still kinda is, but oh well.


This is the wind chime the girls picked out at Hobby Lobby. They have been wanting one so I let this be their contribution. But it needs a better home than right here.


Max’s boots he likes to wear around. All the time. They are girls boots. Shhh, don’t tell him.


Our tiny little set up. I leave this quilt out here because we have picnics pretty regularly out here now that it’s so nice and shaded.


A little color and happiness.


My chair. I found this at a flea market a couple of weeks ago. It was a horrible shade of yellow so I just spray painted it. And then made a pillow with the leftover awning material. It’s quite nice.





Well, there you have it. Our little back porch make over. Come over and swim sometime!



  1. Jeanetta
    June 19, 2013

    Oh so cute!!!

  2. jerusalem
    June 19, 2013

    you are the bomb diggity.

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