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Max is 3! {Superhero Party}

Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in blog, family, party | One Comment


My little Max turned 3 last Saturday. I can still barely believe he is 3. He is such a handsome little boy. He is sensitive. He is very independent. He is sweet. He is in a bit of a whiney-freak-out-about-everything-for-no-reason stage right now. That will pass. For now he is into Spiderman for some reason. I’ve never actually let him watch Spiderman. But he is an early riser. And about 3-4 months ago he was waking up at like 4:30 or 5 every morning and I would hand him my phone and he would watch old episodes of Spiderman on Netflix. I know…I’m a winner of a mom. But I don’t do 4:30 am.

And there came the superhero crap. I almost shed a tear a couple of weeks ago when one day he told me “I don’t like Woody and Buzz…I like Batman!” I am not ready for this big boy stage. I am not a fan of the violence and crap that comes along with the superhero thing. So we don’t really watch it unless it’s the new “toddlerized” version (which is kind of odd). But honestly, I love Batman like no other. I always have. He is my favorite. That will never change. With all that said…he HAD to have a superhero party. Whatever. It’s what he wanted. And it was his first birthday party to have all to himself. He and Lucy usually share a party because their birthdays are so close. I wanted him to love it…and it not to be tacky. Hopefully I achieved that.

Obviously I love to make things for parties. So I thought instead of “party favors” I’d make capes and masks for all the kids. They wore them around the party if they wanted and then they took them home. I’ve heard from a couple friends how much their kids love them and are still playing with them! Makes my heart happy. They were pretty easy to make. Just took a little extra time. But totally worth it. I mean, just look at these adorable kiddos.



I made him a special cape. It’s reversible so the other side it superhero material. He loves it.




I made the cupcakes because I always have to have something homemade. And I loved these little graphics. They were fun.


Max and his buddy Graham. They get sillier the older they get. They used to just stare at each other. Now they have funny little conversations.


I found the most fun glitter fabric sheets at Hobby Lobby. That’s what I used to make all the masks out of. Then I just hot glued on some elastic straps. And my sister Andrea did cut out all the lightening bolts…that was her contribution. And she did a fabulous job. I think she deserves a raise.


Y’all…Nora Kate wore her cape and mask just about the entire party! She was hilarious and by far the MOST adorable kid at the party. She just wore it around like it was totally normal. I love her.





Okay, my absolute favorite part of the whole party were the cookies. Done by my friend Kelli at Sweet Love Bakes, of course. I sent her the graphics I was using and told her to just do whatever she wanted. And. they. we’re. fabulous! I swear they were all eaten by the time it was cake time!




I seriously can’t get enough of this picture. Lucy just looks so beautiful here. I love it so much.




He’s “free” y’all.





Olive showing off…as usual.




Just hanging out eating my cookie…in my cape…and a mask…shirtless…in a rocking chair.


Okay, so Holly was totally in the running for cutest kid in a cape too…I mean, look at this sweetness.


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